Accurate Metals & Alloys offers an extensive collection of Alloy 601 Sheets Plates and Coils, which are extensively appropriate for dissimilar purposes in dissimilar industries. Inconel 601 Plates is useful for chemical progression types of machinery such as process heaters, condenser tubes, and combustor components. Inconel 601 Coils has been effectively used in the following uses, such as annealing, sintering muffles, retorts, and copper brazing. Inconel 601 Slatting Coils has excellent resistance to aqueous corrosion. Inconel 601 Perforated Coils has excellent hot corrosion resistance under oxidizing environments. Alloy 601 Coils stands out because of its resistance to soaring temperature oxidation, where we also offer the same at industry leading prices. Alloy 601 Slatting Coils has excellent oxidation resistance and also has good resistance to carburizing but should not be used in atmospheres containing sulfur content. Alloy 601 Perforated Coils must be cooled as rapidly as possible through the range 1400 Degree F to 1000 Degree F. Nickel-Alloy 601 Sheets is often used for thermal reactors in the exhaust system of petrol engines. Nickel-Alloy 601 Plates is also used for combustor components and catalyst grid supports in equipment for nitric acid production. These Nickel-Alloy 601 Coils are also used in baskets, trays, and fixtures for heat-treating equipment. Heavy lubricants Inconel UNS N06601 Sheets Plates are used for tapping, boring, broaching, or drilling. Meanwhile, these Alloy 601 Plates are also being offered in different sizes and shapes to our customers.

Inconel 601 Sheet, Plate & Coil Specifications
1000 mm x 2000 mm, 1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm
0.1mm to 12 mm Thk
Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange)
Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2B, 2D, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.

Types of Inconel 601 Sheets, Plates & Coils

Inconel 601 Foils Inconel 601 Foils Alloy 601 Foils
601 Inconel Foils
601 Alloy Foils
Inconel UNS N06601 Foils
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Foils
ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Foils
Inconel 601 Shim Sheet Inconel 601 Shim Sheet Alloy 601 Shim Sheet
601 Inconel Shim Sheet
601 Alloy Shim Sheet
Inconel UNS N06601 Shim Sheet
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Shim Sheet
ASTM / ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Shim Sheet
Inconel 601 Polished Plates Inconel 601 Polished Plates Alloy 601 Polished Plates
601 Inconel Polished Plates
601 Alloy Polished Plates
Inconel UNS N06601 Polished Plates
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Polished Plates
ASTM / ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Polished Plates
Inconel 601 Hot Rolled Plates Inconel 601 Hot Rolled Plates Alloy 601 Hot Rolled Plates
601 Inconel Hot Rolled Plates
601 Alloy Hot Rolled Plates
Inconel UNS N06601 Hot Rolled Plates
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Hot Rolled Plates
ASME SB168 Alloy 601 Hot Rolled Plates
Inconel 601 Cold Rolled Plates Inconel 601 Cold Rolled Plates Alloy 601 Cold Rolled Plates
601 Inconel Cold Rolled Plates
601 Alloy Cold Rolled Plates
Inconel UNS N06601 Cold Rolled Plates
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Cold Rolled Plates
ASTM / ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Cold Rolled Plates
Inconel 601 Coils Inconel 601 Coils Alloy 601 Coils
601 Inconel Coils
601 Alloy Coils
Inconel UNS N06601 Coils
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Coils
ASTM / ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Coils
Inconel 601 Strips Inconel 601 Strips Alloy 601 Strips
601 Inconel Strips
601 Alloy Strips
Inconel UNS N06601 Strips
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Strips
ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Strips
Inconel 601 Strips Inconel 601 Circle Alloy 601 Circle
601 Inconel Circle
601 Alloy Circle
Inconel UNS N06601 Circle
Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4851 Circle
ASME SB168 Inconel 601 Circle
Inconel 601 Plate, Sheet & Coil Chemical Composition
Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Inconel 601 0.10 max 1.00 max 0.50 max 0.015max 1.00 max Balance 58.0 – 63.0 21.0 – 25.0
Alloy 601 Sheets, Plates & Coils Mechanical Properties
Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 601 8.1 g/cm3 1411 °C (2571 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205 30 %
Equivalent Grades for 601 Inconel Sheets & Plates
Inconel 601 2.4851 N06601 NCF 601 NA 49 XH60BT NC23FeA NiCr23Fe
Inconel 601 Sheets, Plate & Coils Packaging
Inconel 601 Sheets PackingInconel 601 Plates PackagingWe do care about the quality of our products even some little details are paid attention to. Each order is packaged according to the customer’ s standards including preparation for export such as wooden case, pallet or according to customer’s requirement All shipping documentation is provided for Inconel 601 Sheet, Plate and Coil delivery from mill to customer. Every assignment begins with a visit of our experienced sales representative who assesses the volume / weight of the belongings and brief the client about the nature of packing required as well as various documentation formalities when moving from India.
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